Photovoltaic roofs - Stylish integrated photovoltaic roofs

We at ZolarTech offer turnkey solar roofs for all different types of roofs. Our solar roof from SoliTek combines Nordic design, high durability and efficient solar technology with guarantees of 30 years and a lifetime of 50 years. A complete solar roof that gives you a stylish and durable roof along with energy savings through self-generated electricity - all in one.

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    Smart solar roofs are the future

    You should not have to sacrifice your home's architecture to make a profitable investment in solar cells. SOLID Solrif® from SoliTek is a complete roof solution that comes with many advantages.

    SOLID Solrif® is an innovative and complete roof-integrated solar cell solution that is installed instead of choosing a "regular" roof and then installing solar cells on top. Here, the solar panels blend into the roof for both higher aesthetics and efficiency. With a robust construction of solar cells with glass on both sides - a so-called glass/glass solar cell panel - you get a smart solar cell roof of high quality with a guarantee of 30 years and a service life of 50 years.

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    We only install European-made solar panels with a full 30-year product warranty.

    SOLID Solrif

    SOLID Solrifis an advanced photovoltaic module specially designed for integration into the roof, where the powerful glass/glass module acts as an efficient photovoltaic roof tile. By pairing our fireproof Glass Glass solar module SOLID Pro with the Solrif® system from Ernst Schweizer AG, SOLID Solrif® is created. This system is renowned for its ability to efficiently generate electricity, its ease of installation and stunningly elegant design. To offer a quote, only the location of the building and the dimensions of the roof are required.

    Advantages of photovoltaic roofs:

    • Used instead of roof tiles, creating a more attractive appearance.
    • A long-lasting roof that protects the house and generates its own electricity.
    • Works on most roofs with a slope from 12°-70°.
    • Cost-effective solution that is easy to install


    Moving towards a greener future

    With ZolarTech, you can be sure that you are taking a big step towards becoming greener. Integrated solar panels are a powerful investment in creating a greener home. By converting solar energy into electricity, they reduce the carbon footprint and dependence on non-renewable resources. Solar energy is clean, sustainable and self-sufficient, making solar panels a smart choice for a sustainable lifestyle and long-term positive environmental impact.

    European-made panels with a 30-year warranty

    With a 30-year warranty and an estimated lifespan of 50 years, our solar panels are not only a powerful green energy solution, but also a safe long-term choice. Made in Europe, they ensure the highest quality standards and support a local, sustainable manufacturing process. Invest in a cleaner future with guaranteed performance and manufactured peace of mind.

    Solar-rich greenhouse - Grow and live green

    Experience vegetable growing in a new light dimension and take inspiration from the future. Energy from the sun not only powers your crops but also the entire greenhouse. So, grow green and live greener with a sustainable and self-sufficient solution for both electricity and food.