General conditions

  1. Ordering and payment: Ordering can be done by contacting ZolarTech by phone, email or their website.
    a) A quote will be issued based on the customer's needs and ZolarTech's recommendations.
    b) Customer shall approve the quote to confirm the order
    c) ZolarTech does not receive any prepayment.
    d) The remaining amount shall be paid upon delivery and installation of solar cells and energy storage systems in two different stages, first 80% upon delivery and then 20% remaining upon completion of the installation / facility.
  2. Installation:
    a) ZolarTech will install the photovoltaic and energy storage system within the specified time frame after receipt of the order.
    b) The installation will be carried out by qualified technicians and electricians employed by ZolarTech.
    c) ZolarTech will be responsible for notifying the installation to the grid owner and for obtaining the necessary permits.
  3. Warranty:
    a) ZolarTech provides a product warranty for all products, each individual quote clarifies this.
    b) ZolarTech will remedy any faults or defects discovered within the warranty period free of charge according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    c) The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or external factors.
  4. Right of withdrawal:
    a) The customer has the right to withdraw the order within 14 days from the date of the order.
    b) To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must notify ZolarTech in writing.
    c) ZolarTech will withdraw the order confirmation in writing and confirm this. If any amount has been paid to ZolarTech, this will be refunded.
  5. Limitation of liability:
    a) ZolarTech is not liable for losses resulting from interruptions in electricity distribution, such as power outages.
    b) ZolarTech is not liable for losses caused by improper use or maintenance of solar cells and energy storage systems.
  6. Dispute resolution: Any disputes between the client and ZolarTech shall primarily be resolved through negotiation. If the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, the dispute shall be settled by the Swedish general courts or by the General Complaints Board (ARN).

By confirming the order, the customer accepts these purchase conditions.

Clarification regarding installation and connection of the solar cell system:
The price proposal includes setting up and configuring the system in the associated user portal. However, this assumes that a strong reception to existing WiFi is available at the inverter and that no firewalls or the like block access to the network. When agreeing on a LAN connection, access to a free data socket for Ethernet, which is prepared and configured for 2-way communication, must be available in close proximity to the inverter. Should problems arise with communication between the inverter and the internet due to existing equipment in the building and not the PV system's inverter, we offer to carry out any troubleshooting, programming and procurement of appropriate equipment / programming. This is in that case outside this price proposal and will be invoiced as extra work on current account or after agreement with the client.

Calculations in the price proposal - All calculations regarding production, savings, pay-off and returns are estimates based on statistics, assumptions and average values. Therefore, these values may differ slightly from the actual outcome. Moreover, the figures on which the calculations are based vary from customer to customer and may also change over time. These values should therefore be seen as estimates and can be used as a guide. Therefore, neither we nor our suppliers can make any guarantees for these estimates.

Quality of incoming electricity and any requirements from the grid owner: - For the plant to function correctly, it is assumed that the quality of the incoming electricity is high. If the quality of the electricity is low, equipment can be damaged, which can result in costs for e.g. measurement of electricity quality, repairs, etc. If the problems are attributed to the quality of the electricity, compensation for these costs can be claimed from the electricity network owner or possibly an insurance company. - Extra costs can be added depending on the electricity network owner's requirements, such as e.g. meters in meter cabinets on the outside.