Energy storage for solar cells

Maximize your self-generated electricity through solar battery storage and become more self-sufficient. Our partnership with GoodWe & BYD gives you total control over your electricity production. Decide whether you want to store, consume or sell your electricity.

Energy storage with solar cells - 3 easy steps

How does solar battery storage work?

1. Solar energy production with solar cells
First, the solar panels generate direct current from the sun's rays during the day.

2.Inverter conversion
This direct current is converted into usable alternating current by the inverter, allowing for direct use of the electricity in the home.

3. Battery storage of excess electricity
The excess solar energy produced is then stored in the battery instead of being wasted.

4. Electricity use at night
When the sun goes down and the solar panels are no longer generating electricity, the stored energy from the battery is used to continue supplying the home with electricity.

5. Registration of electricity
The electricity meter registers all solar energy coming in and what is sold, used and stored for further use. 

6. Electricity self-sufficiency
Battery storage makes you less dependent on the traditional grid and allows you to benefit from your self-generated electricity when it suits you best.

BYD High Voltage battery

Do you want full control over your
self-generated electricity?

With our villa packages from GoodWe & BYD you get just that! Choose when to store, consume or sell electricity in your facility easily via an app through our energy storage systems.

Energy storage in a house

Home energy storage is becoming an increasingly common solution for those who want to become more self-sufficient. Not only because it is an economically beneficial solution, but also because it is an environmentally friendly choice. With a photovoltaic battery, you can store, consume and sell electricity any way you want. There are many opportunities for financial gain through a battery storage system. Among other things, through power subscriptions that cut the cost peaks during consumption, but also by selling parts of your stored electricity to Svenska kraftnät.

BYD Battery Box System

The systems are available in an AC (BT series) and a DC version (ET series), where the DC versions are for new installations of energy storage and solar cells. The AC version is for properties where there is already an existing photovoltaic system, which you wish to supplement with energy storage.

The system is controlled by an inverter, just like a photovoltaic system without energy storage - the difference is that a hybrid inverter is installed instead, allowing the electricity to be stored in its own battery storage.

The entire energy storage system is controlled by a hybrid inverter app available for both iPhone and Android. The app allows you to control the flow of energy and decide when to buy, sell or consume your generated electricity.

Photovoltaic battery system

The battery system is built on modules, which means that you build units on top of each other - thus, when buying a solar cell system, you can later supplement with more modules and thus get a larger battery storage capacity. Each battery is 2.6kWh and is a lithium-iron phosphate battery with long life, efficiency and above all safety against fire.

The system also has a built-in UPS switch as standard, which automatically delivers power from the battery to the property in no time at all in the event of a power failure, ensuring that the electricity supply is never interrupted.

We recommend that you always install your own battery storage for your photovoltaic system as this opens up wider opportunities to be able to control your consumption and sales completely yourself.

Advantages of a photovoltaic battery

  • Solar energy battery storage: Photovoltaic batteries allow you to use solar energy after the sun has set, which is perfect for charging an electric car at night.
  • Control your electricity: Choose when you use or sell surplus electricity based on your own schedule and electricity price fluctuations for an advantageous sale.
  • Avoid high electricity prices: Reduce your costs by avoiding high electricity price peaks using battery storage, works particularly well with power plans.
  • Future Profitability: With a shift to power subscriptions, battery storage will become an increasingly profitable solution and contribute to long-term cost savings.

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