Nordic solar provider with complete energy storage solutions

  • A comprehensive and secure solar partner along the entire West Coast, in Stockholm and Norway. Our partnership with our suppliers allows us to offer solar installations and energy storage of the highest quality, sustainability and security.
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    Solar cells for a sustainable future

    We are proud suppliers of European-made solar panels from SoliTek - the obvious choice for those who prioritize quality, durability and longevity! We install solar cells and solar roofs together with energy storage for a complete solar installation.

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    Fire class
    Resistant to ammonia
    Resilient to salt spray
    recycled glass

    We supply and install European-made solar cells adapted to our harsh climate

    As a solar cell supplier with a focus on quality, we install sustainable and complete solar cell systems for villas, housing associations and companies. We always focus on making the entire process smooth and safe for you as a customer - this through self-employed staff and cutting-edge expertise in the field. We only work with well-proven and award-winning brands that produce certified solar panels and solar roofs with a 30-year warranty.

    It's that easy to go solar!

    Discover how easy it is to go solar with ZolarTech. We combine efficiency with customized solar solutions to offer you a seamless transition to solar. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team of experts ensures your experience is hassle-free and rewarding.

    What makes us a sustainable solar provider?

    What makes us a sustainable solar cell supplier is that we only work with subcontractors who produce high-quality panels and solutions. We also have our own certified installers with several years of experience in the industry to create a safe feeling for you as customers. 

    Quality photovoltaic installations

    We never compromise on quality and are always involved throughout the journey to a fully installed system - including assembly and electrical installation. With us, you as a customer can feel secure in having the same partner throughout the work, which also has the shortest lead times on the market. Our solar cell solutions are always adapted to bring you maximum solar energy, all year round. The fact that our solar panels are also European-made and quality-assured also contributes to the confidence in choosing us.

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