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    SoliTek photovoltaic panel - Blackstar Glass/Glass 420W

    We are proud of our cooperation with SoliTeka leading European manufacturer of solar cells, known for their sustainable and quality solar cells. SoliTek offers a unique 30-year warranty and boasts the market's lowest carbon footprint, making their solar cells an excellent long-term investment, both financially and for the environment.

    SoliTek Blackstar, which we at ZolarTech install most of, is characterized by its bifacial design that captures solar radiation through both the front and back, increasing the overall power and efficiency of the system. Manufactured in Europe with carefully selected materials from countries such as Germany, Italy and Norway, Blackstar is adapted for the Nordic climate with its robust glass/glass construction that is fireproof and resistant to salt spray and ammonia.

    SoliTek uses POE binders for superior durability and longevity, compared to the EVA that most other panels use, which is crucial in harsh climates. This, coupled with the use of only premium European materials, ensures that our solar installations are of the highest quality and reliability, with an estimated lifespan of up to 50 years.

    When you choose SoliTek through us at ZolarTech, you ensure a sustainable and efficient solar solution for your property, designed and installed by Europe's best in the business for a cleaner and greener future.

    • Maximum wind/snow load, kPa: 3.6/8.1
    • Cells: 108
    • Cell type: N-type, TOPCon - bifacial
    • Cell configuration: 6x18
    • Weight: 25kg
    • Dimensions (mm): 1722x1134x30
    • Front glass (mm): 2
    • Rear glass (mm): 2, black
    • Junction box: Split junction box / IP68


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    ZolarTech only uses its own installers who are certified by Svensk Solenergi. We ourselves are also certified by Svensk Solenergi as an excellent installer to hire. We perform 100 installations annually and are a locally based installer on the west coast with a focus on sustainability and quality. When you choose to buy a plant from us, everything is included; design, installation and operational review at no extra cost. We also have a close partnership with the leading player SellPower! Feel confident in hiring us for a complete solution of your solar cell plant.

    European-made solar cells with a 30-year warranty

    Glass-glass panels from SoliTek are of high quality with long guarantees of 30 years and are adapted to our Nordic climate. For us as a total supplier with a strong focus on quality and really satisfied customers, SoliTek® is the obvious choice.

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    We are with you from start to finish. With our own certified installers and electricians, we can promise professional work from a single supplier.

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    We do not require an advance payment on our installations, but everything is invoiced upon completion and commissioning of the installation - which is a security for the customer.

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