A safe & secure full-service provider

We at ZolarTech always have you as a customer in focus. Therefore, we ensure that everything from materials to the installation of solar cells is of the highest quality.

We are ZolarTech.

Zolartech is your complete supplier of solar panels & battery storage in Gothenburg and Stockholm as well as in Norway - with high quality European-made solar panels to ensure maximum life and power.

We at Zolartech always strive for close cooperation with you as a customer, so that you can feel comfortable that your solar panel system is designed, installed and commissioned by the same supplier.

With solar panels in stock for immediate delivery, our own fitters and electricians, we can offer among the shortest lead times on the market - which is currently characterized by long delivery times and project horizons of over 6 months. For us, it is an honor to manage your solar plant and thus an environmentally friendly production - something that benefits both your wallet and the environment in the long run.

Installed & ready!

We deliver complete solutions in solar panels. With European-made glass-glass solar panels of the highest quality, we can promise long life, sustainable installations and trustworthy manufacturers.

With solar panels in stock & our own installers, we can also promise:

  • Fast handling
  • Efficiency all the way
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Preferential prices
  • Powerful & stylish photovoltaic systems

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