assembly material

Build a sustainable photovoltaic system with durable mounting material, suitable for all roof types. Designed for the Nordic climate, we offer materials for concrete tiles, cardboard roofs, corrugated sheets, eternit roofs, trp sheets and ground mounting. Our installations meet requirements through snow, wind and load calculations.

assembly material

The mounting material is the very foundation of a photovoltaic system. At ZolarTech, we see great importance in delivering products that can withstand our Nordic climate - and have therefore carefully selected our suppliers for just that. The first thing you as a customer should consider is the load and the waterproofing layer - it is equally important to ensure that the solar cell system is stable in all weather conditions that the climate offers.

We at ZolarTech have an entire design department that looks at roof structures and calculates snow-wind and load calculations daily. When you buy a system from us, we always deliver complete documentation with snow-wind and load calculations specifically for your project, which the insurance company requires in the event of a leak or damage to your roof. Great security is included with a complete solar cell system from us.

Whatever the conditions, flat cardboard roof, sloping metal roof or steep roof with roof tiles, we can offer a sustainable and safe solution from FixNordic. We are very proud, as a distributor for FixNordic, to be able to offer a unique solution for these roofs, and thereby deliver complete installation solutions for all types of roofs and solar cell installations. Always with the best possible quality and durability.

The Danish company FixNordic specializes in mounting materials for solar panels on all types of roofs. FixNordic is part of the JUAL Group, which has worked with cardboard roofs and accessories for cardboard roofs for over 50 years.

They have patented mounting solutions for cardboard roofs & are particularly unique in the market with solutions for both flat and pitched roofs. The mounting system is attached to the load-bearing roof (with no load on the surface layer), and the Takkon panels attached to the roof are of course 100% waterproof. This means that the panels will not move or pit on a soft roof, thereby reducing the risk of future leaks. The roof consoles are also certified by both TÜV Rheinland and AB Täthetsgarantier in the Nordic countries.

FixNordic has developed a wide range of roof brackets for several different cardboard roofs to suit our Nordic climate.

In addition to mounting materials for photovoltaic installations, FixNordic also offers other fasteners and penetrations for cardboard roofs, such as ventilation hoods, goosenecks and fasteners for solar thermal panels and heat pumps.