Service and repair of photovoltaic installations

In general, a photovoltaic system is completely maintenance-free. However, it is good to check the solar cell system annually through a review of the roof, insulation tests in the strings and an overview of the inverter. This is to always have your solar cell system in perfect condition.

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Why should I service my photovoltaic system?

On behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency, actors such as RISE have carried out investigations of several photovoltaic installations around Sweden. These show that most installations have not been carried out correctly, which can mean direct danger to the villa. If any errors are discovered on your installation, we are here to assist with the service work.

Sometimes even you as an owner may notice that something doesn't seem to be working normally, for example through the application that shows your consumption and generation. Then it may be time to investigate the problem - something we are happy to help with.

How does a service work?

When our service technicians are on site at the scheduled date, the service work begins. Initially, we would like you as a customer to show us how the installation was done and where all components such as battery storage, inverters and solar panels are located. In some cases, special solutions have been made to adapt to the property during installation, which we are happy to receive information about before our investigation.

Frequently asked questions about service

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